Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review on How to Train Your Dragon

Movie: How to Train Your Dragon

So if you follow my blog, you know that last week I did a review on The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It turns out, the same character that played the apprentice(I haven't looked up his name) also plays the lead in this movie.

MyTake: Hiccup (awful name, he knows) is of Viking decent and his father (Played by the wonderful Gerard Butler) is not proud of him because he cannot slay a dragon and whenever he tries, it always ends in disaster.

The Review: It was absolutely enjoyable. Though I felt that the main character's voice was a bit old for the part, he still gave that awkward adolescent voice that fit well with the part. The Night Fury he saved (one of the more vicious dragons) was absolutely adorable. He or it acted like a little puppy rather than a fearsome dragon. I think Hiccup named him toothless (as I said, they're bad with names). In a village where their name book says to kill all dragons on sight, it wasn't a good idea for him to befriend a dragon.
I don't want to give the movie away so I can't say much more, but it's great for children and adults alike.



  1. I loved “How to Train Your Dragon”! It was a funny movie that had a lot of good action and a great story. My kids enjoyed the movie a lot as well. Of course, their favorite character was Toothless. We are definitely going to be seeing this movie again very soon! As a customer and employee of DISH, I know that right now, there is a promotion where you can get 3 free months of Blockbuster when you sign up for DISH Network! Here is all the information.

  2. How to Train your Dragon is an awesome movie! =D

    I saw it a few weeks ago in my neighbourhood when my city arranged a "movie under the stars" event. It was my second time watching it, it was quite cute and enjoyable. Maybe even more so the second time around. ;)