Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review on Blood Haze by Tara Shuler

So I have just completed the novel Blood Haze by Tara Shuler, book 1 of an upcoming series featuring a love triangle between a vampire girl, Alice, a vampire guy, Kai, and a vampire hunter, Max.

As I began the novel, I was immediately sucked by all the facts I didn't know about vampires (well about these vampires at least). Though it seemed to go on a bit long, I was happy to have this out of my way for the remainder of the novel so I could focus on the main character, Alice.

I could fully understand how Alice could be uncomfortable around humans since she'd been around vampires her entire life then her mother thrusts her down the rabbit hole to a world she didn't know existed.

I found the high school that Alice was going to such a stereotype (just as she'd said in the beginning). The bullying, the gossip, and of course the irresistibility of some of the guys.

When Alice meets Kai, he immediately draws me in and I couldn't stop reading it because I craved to know who he was. A painter? How absolutely romantic. Then his character changes, he doesn't seem as mysterious as he once was but became more sensitive. Almost to the point where he became a bit annoying. (Hey, Alice thought it too.)

Then we're introduced to Max. Combat boots? Very attractive in my world. For some reason as I began to learn about him, I knew he would play an important role. Not that I'm complaining, he seems interesting and I wonder how he's going to contribute to the next book.

Now, my only problem with this novel was how short it was. I think I (my personal opinion) would have liked the book if it was longer, giving the characters a chance to fully develop the relationships they shared. It seemed quite soon for Alice to fall so deeply in love with Kai when she'd only just met him. I would have also liked if we'd gotten a bit more background on all the characters. It all just seemed a bit rushed.

Overall the book was interesting and I'm waiting for the next one to be released.

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