Friday, May 20, 2011

Review on Euphoria by Jourdan Alexandra

 Author: Jourdan Alexandra
Novel: Euphoria Part 1 of Book 1

Though I have grown wary of vampire novels, Euphoria has given me a breath of fresh air (when it comes to vampires of course). The novel didn't seem to focus so much on the vampire concept, but had a deeper, more meaningful air about it. Let's give it a go, shall we.

Synopsis: Disruption. Initiation. The Unknowable. So say the runes, the ancient Viking oracle of marked stones ominously laid out before college freshman Riley Dawson a few days before her departure for Lyndon State College. Leaving the sun of her California childhood for the crisp northern air of Lyndonville, Vermont, Riley soon dismisses and forgets the runes' prediction of the choices she would make, choices borne of her own unseen nature, a nature invisible to even herself.
Dismisses and forgets that is until she meets Remaunt: enigmatic, sensual, arrogant, and vulnerable. Describing him as the dark shadow of Adonis, his veneer of cool poise captivates Riley from the moment she meets him. Yet, even as Riley tries to deny her growing intrigue and fascination with her magnetically mysterious classmate, she ultimately finds that she cannot evade the truth of what he is. Remaunt is an immortal. Remaunt is a vampire.
And immortals have immortal enemies. As Riley soon finds out, Remaunt is not the only vampire residing in Lydonville--and after a few near death encounters, she is forced to conclude that there are other vampires significantly more dangerous than Remaunt, and that they are not to be trifled with. Posing a formidable threat to not only Remaunt, they endanger her friends, the community, and, most importantly, Riley's life itself.
With the crisis of disruption activated, the mystic power of initiation summoned, and the fire and chaos of the unknowable at hand, Riley finds herself as bait between several supernatural beings, locked in a war of wills fueled by revenge and anguish destined to a fate not even immortals could envision.

My Take: Riley is a college freshman, recently moved to Vermont from her sunny home in California. After a chilling look at the Runes her mother showed her before her departure, Riley is a bit frightened to say the least, until she meets the stunning and brooding Remaunt. As they become closer, Riley is let in on a secret that turns her world upside down, maybe for the good or the bad.

The Review: First and foremost, I enjoyed Remaunt as a character. The brooding, sexy thing he has going on...I dig it. He is absolutely swoon worthy. Besides the fact that he can quote Shakespeare (which gives him major points in my book considering I'm an english major), he was just an over all cool person. Despite his condition, I didn't feel any malice on him as I did his "sister" and her minions.
I could immediately see myself in Riley's shoes, the initial shock of first seeing Amelia might have made me speechless too. (maybe if she was a hag I'd feel better).
Riley is strong. I think that's the best way I can describe her. Unlike the annoying heroines of vampire stories these days (not calling any names), she has a mind of her own and even if she's attracted to a vampire, that hasn't changed her and I don't see that it ever will.
Together Riley and Remaunt are great love interests. (Oh, let's call them RiRe for short). RiRe both aggravate each other, in a flirty friendly way which made me laugh the entire time. I thought they were pretty funny especially in the beginning when...(whoops, no spoilers).
*clears throat* now for what I disliked. I have to dislike something right? I can't keep gushing on and on about the positives of this book right? Well what I disliked was the fact that I couldn't get a bit more backstory on Remaunt. I would have liked to know more, but then again, he might be revealed in part two of the novel. (another author tricked me like that grrr.) I have the sudden impulse to go to google and type in his name hoping to find something about him.

I guess this is the end because I need to research my new favorite character (no sarcasm). If I had to rate this book I'd give it a 9/10. 1 point missing ONLY because the wonderful Jourdan Alexandra gave the best cliff hanger in history and I'm dying to read the next novel!

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