Monday, July 4, 2011

Review on Ain't No Sunshine

So, I must say that I was surprised when I heard that there would be a novel about men sharing their feelings. I know what your thinking (She's already crazy, how much worse can it get), but I assure you it is true. I was gifted with the opportunity to review it. Though it took me FOREVER to do it, it's finally done. (I'm sorry, my mind sometimes escapes me). Anywho, let's get started.

Ain't No Sunshine is the unofficial memoir of men suffering from heartbreak. Of course us women can understand the pain of heartbreak, we suffer from it continuously, but to finally get the input from a man (an insight into their emotions) is truly a gift. it changed my opinion about the male mind and how they feel about their relationships. Honestly, men and women aren't that different when it comes to relationships. They hurt just we hurt. Cry as we cry. Love as we love.

Each story had its own heartache and I couldn't believe how awful the women treated them. The book almost makes us look bad, but some of the guys did find true love despite the horrific pain that they suffered. (Shame on those women) For all the women (like myself) who believe that all men are the same, I want you to read this and I know for sure that it will change your opinion.

There are some good guys out there. Perhaps if we stopped leaving the good guys for the bad ones, we'd have happiness. (Not saying that all women do that however).

Anywho, I'd like to thank the men that participated and gave their stories for the world to see. Without them, I might just've stayed home and got nine cats to look after for the rest of my life. (also, not a bad thing. I prefer dogs however).

Cheers to the men and Happy Fourth of July!


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