Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is your Inspiration? Part 2

So I've been mostly reading and/or watching movies for the last few weeks or so, but as I contemplated whether or not I wanted to self publish or go mainstream, I browsed one of the authors I enjoyed reading, Keary Taylor, author of the Fall of Angels series. She makes amazing covers for a very good price and I enjoy hr work (though i have yet to sample it myself).
Anywho, her covers are outstanding to say the least. The Color. Detail. Effort. And love that is put into each one is outstanding. (Did I say that already?) As I gazed in lust at them, a lightbulb ignited in my mind.

I want to self publish.

I browsed google to try my hand at making covers. I downloaded the trial of Photoshop and Indesign because let me tell you, they are BLOODY EXPENSIVE. Maybe $600 a pop. I absolutely cannot afford that. But I completed maybe two covers on the Indesign software and I think they're decent. One is for Athena's Medallion and the other is for another series I started called The Last Valkyrie.

Let me tell you. It takes hours to try and understand what you have to do using Photoshop and such. Very difficult. But anyway book covers were my new inspirations and I enjoyed having the new flow of ideas come through.

You can check out Keary's website or blog at: www.kearytaylor.com

**If you want to see the covers I made, just leave a comment below and I'll post it up.



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