Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review on Greek

So, I've definitely been gone for a long time and I'm happy to be back. I'm probably going to be posting perhaps two or three times a day to make up for lost time. Today, I'm starting off with a review on the tv show Greek. Since I recently opened a netflix account, I've been taking full advantage of it.

I'd seen the show on ABC before, but I think it was in the later seasons and I didn't want to come into a show where it'd already begun. Thanks to Netflix, I've watched the last 6 seasons, season six being the last one. Now let's get started.

My Take: Rusty Cartright is a freshman in college who has a popular sister on campus, Casey Cartright, who is a junior and a member of the sorority ZBZ. 

The Review: I enjoyed the show. Since I've never been a part of a sorority then this was an interesting take on the whole Greek system. If this is how the frat houses truly are, I'm surprised. Of course I expected the partying, underage drinking, and such, but what they showed me on the show made it believable.
Let's take Casey for example. When we're introduced to her, she's talking to the sisters of her sorority. They began to talk about Ashleigh's outfit (I wouldn't have known half of that until they said it.) Now, immediately I knew the ZBZ's were liars considering how they were going to go about getting their pledges. Now, the next time we see her, she's talking to a half naked bloke in a bar called Dopler's (I actually know the name considering they spend a lot of time there). I immediately liked Cappie. I thought he was funny, and charming--in a drunkish kind of way--Of course he wasn't half bad to look at too.
Evan on the other hand did not rub me the right way. He just didn't seem like the right guy for Casey. Considering he cheats on her with that annoying Rebecca girl...ugh, enough said.

Enough about them, let's talk about Rusty. The main story revolves around Rusty and how he's dealing with Rush and college. (Well at least the first season). He's soooo adorable. Though his sister doubts him, Rusty decides to rush a fraternity. While doing so, he just happens to stumble across his sister's boyfriend (Evan) making out with a chick (Rebecca). Put two and two together.

Greek is such a complicated show that it would take forever to fully describe everything that happens in this show. They juggle so many things in it that if I told one thing, it would give away the story. It was well written otherwise and I enjoyed all the seasons, except for the last episode. That one sucked because of the ending. Butttttttt, I encourage everyone to watch it.

Go Kappa Tau!!!


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